Škoda Scala – Czech automakers answer to the hatchback “giants”.

  On December 6th, 2018, Škoda held the official premiere of the new Scala.     The name Scala comes from a Latin word meaning “ladder” and reperesenting Škoda’s next step forward in the compact segment. It is intended to fit between the Fabia and Octavia in the lineup and as a direct competitor to […]

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The 50th anniversary “Godzilla” confirmed. – €990.000 price tag

  Nissan and Italdesign’s interpretation of one of the most famous “imports”, the GT-R50 has been confirmed for production. Nissan has opened orders of the 50-vehicle limited series with a price tag of nearly 1 million €. Deliveries of the 50th anniversary GT-R are expected in 2019 and 2020.     The GT-R50 made its […]

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Orange shine of the new Audi Q3.

Now in its second full generation as a 2019 model year the Audi Q3 is ready to follow the massive success of the 2011 generation. For the perspective view of the sales…

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New Peugeot 508

Despite the downturn on the executive sedan segment since the advent of the crossover there is still life left in it.

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New Audi A6

Audi officially announced the new generation of the A6. The car will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this month and it should hit the German market in June.

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