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Lincoln Continental 1984

Production year: 1984
No. of produced cars: Information not available at the moment.

Coinciding with the introduction of the two-door Continental Mark VII, the Lincoln Continental was given a styling update for the 1984 model year. The body was fitted with flush-fitting front and rear bumpers and revised taillamps. While not fitted with the composite headlights of the Mark VII, the front fascia of the Continental was revised with an angled grille flanked by recessed quad headlamps and larger wrap-around marker lights incorporating cornering lamps. On the inside, the doors and dashboard were fitted with satin-black trim. Other changes through the rest of production run were primarily limited to paint colors and upholstery pattern details. All models were also fitted with Ford’s door-mounted Keyless Entry System, not to be confused with a Remote Keyless Entry System.

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